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 Hey there! This month I gathered together a few beauty essentials that I want to share with you!

1. IQ Mirror shine gloss- Guys, this lipgloss has a lamp inside of the applicator, so when you want to use it in the dark, you totally can and there is also a mirror on the side. So in these summer days it became very handy to use to touch up my make-up! Yay for this product!!

2. Balea Trend It Up dry shampoo- I'm sure you know those days when you are not really feeling like washing your hair, so that's when the dry shampoo becomes your bae!

3. Catrice Illuminating Blush- Again, this product is also very handy, because when use this, I don't need to use highlighter. It is so glowy and the color is stunning!

4. Alverde duo concealer- I really love the coffein-serum on one of the sides because it really de-puffs my eyes.

5.Maybelline Fit Me Foundation- I am pretty sure there is a bunch of reviews on this product so if want to read more detailed of this, you can surely find some. My thoughts on this: Love at first application!!


Hey guys!
Today I uploaded a video of my trip in Italy! 
Hope you will enjoy it! :)


Let's make a statement!

 Hey there classy stylers!
I recently received this beautiful necklace from Happiness Boutique  and I just wanted to share it with you. I absolutely love it, eventhough it looks heavy, it feels very lightweight which was very surprising. Since it is a statement piece I would recommend going very basic with the clothing, it would also look great as a  night-time jewelry.

JORD Wood Watches

Hey guys!
Every once in a while I get offers to try out new products. I try to choose really useful or unique products that I think my readers will be interested in reading about, and Jord wooden watches fit both of those categories. The one that I chose is from the Fieldcrest series.  
I’m generally not much of a watch or jewelry person, but the Jord watches seemed unique to me and they are really wooden! I was really curious what they’d look and feel like in person. 
JORD watches are handcrafted from natural woods — Maple, Bamboo, Koa, Zebrawood, and Sandalwood among them, and the glass in this watch is a scratchproof “blue film” glass. The watches are created from all untreated wood with the exception of the clasp, which is stainless steel.
 They are surprisingly lightweight and smooth to the touch, top and bottom. The stainless steel clasp holds the watch securely on. It’s not so boring and quick to go out of style. I know this is a watch I will be able to wear for years to come, it also matches nearly everything in my closet!I don’t know how to rave about these more. Stylish, beautiful, elegant.

Let me know below, what do you think about these unique watches,
 and also take a look on their website: JORD WOOD WATCHES :)

Spring wishlist

Hey guys! Today I have a spring wishlist from the amazing SHEINSIDE. There is 3 completely different outfits, let me know in the comments which one is your favorite. 

Love it or leave it

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