Spring refresh

Heeeeeeey guys! 
I'm still alive, I know, after 3 months, but today I want to show you some tips and ways I love to prep for spring! Let me know below, how or what you change when this beautiful season comes! :)

 I really love to change up the scents that I wear and lately I've been obsessed with these Victoria's Secret Body Mists, because they are a lot lighter than a perfume and the packaging is so cute. Really spring-ish. My two favorites are: Pure Seduction and Aqua Kiss
 When spring comes around, I also change up my foundation, because I tend to get a little tanned. I chose 3 different foundations with a same effect. All of them are very light-weight, have a great middle coverage and they have a beautiful finish on the skin, almost glowy-dewy kinda look.
 I'm a mascara freak! So I tend to go a little crazy with buying them, but these are my favorites! If you read my blog for a longer time now, than you know that I have a special relationship with my Maybelline Colossal mascara. ;)
 I usually always paint my nails white, when I actually paint them, which I usually don't, because I am so damn lazyyy, but hey! I am here to give you inspiration so if I would take the effort and do my nails, I would go with these colors.
 So for lips, I chose again something very lightweight, my Maybelline lipstick is my all time favorite, the Manhattan Soft Mat cream is when I'm in the mood for the Kylie Jenner lips hahah x and when I get a little tan, I use the Rimmel - Birthday Suit lipstick.
As a finishing touch, lately I started using a highlighter and baaaaaaaam new love again. haha and also a fixing spray from Alverde which makes my makeup stay on longer and gives my skin a glowy look, ahh perf! :)

So, let me know below, how you like to switch things up for spring!
Take care xx


Spring wishlist

Hey guys! Today I have a spring wishlist from the amazing SHEINSIDE. There is 3 completely different outfits, let me know in the comments which one is your favorite. 


Love it or leave it

 get inspired:
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Hey guys!
I don't know about you, but I have a tiny little obsession with crazy shoes. The crazy shoes are in my case are the ones that look super ugly, weird, have super high heels (probably ones I can't even walk in, shhh!) and the ones that I would never invest so much money in, because I know that I might never wear them in this life. But they are great as eyecandy! ;)


Catrice - Defining Blush

Today’s review and photos are about a blush that I’ve been loving lately. :)As the name suggests, Love & Peach is a pure peach blush. The color is very vivid with a matte finish, so no shimmer, glitter or other nonsense elements in it. It’s incredibly silky and easy to blend. It comes in a transparent smooth plastic packaging which holds 5 grams of products inside. I don’t know about you, but I love Catrice’s packaging. minimalistic and pretty. The longevity matches the pigmentation, because it lasts all day. The particular shade should match most neutral or warm skintones. 

All in all, I highly recommend these Defining Blushes from Catrice if you bump on one of them where you live totally give it a try because you’ll get a good quality product for such a low price. 


Windy day

Hey ClassyStylers!
Sorry for not posting in a while, but I'm very busy at the moment because of the school, I think that you can understand me. Anyways, I have my outfit of the day for you, in Vienna it's very cold now, so as you can see this look is more on the autumn side. Hope you like it xx


pastels and florals

Hey ClassyStylers!
Today I have an outfit of the day for you. I got this beautiful flowy crop top from Lilylulu. I've paired it with some light pink jeans, a nude bag and with one of my favorite pair of shoes from River Island. 

Do you love crop tops? :)